Telegraphs [EP]

by Belmont Lights

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(free) 03:35


released July 21, 2012

Written & Performed by Belmont Lights

Executive Produced by Jeremy Lopez

Produced by Alejandro Barajas and Belmont Lights

Recorded & Edited by Alejandro Barajas

Recorded at Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Mixed by Mike Ault at Ault Sound in San Diego, CA

Mastered by Robert Vosgien at Capitol Records in Hollywood, CA



all rights reserved


Belmont Lights San Diego, California

Belmont Lights is an Alt/Pop/Rock band from San Diego, CA.

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Track Name: Halfway
Verse 1:
She’s got me spinning/
With all the time she’s spending in my mind/
She keeps on dancing
Around the thought of my chance with her time/
Oh I wish she’d feel the same
So I don’t have to feel insane no more/
Oh I wish she’d say my name
So I don’t have to say the blame’s on her//

But where do we go
When we know
That the feeling is still getting stronger//

I’m only half way where I’m going/
And I won’t stop til you know it/
And I will lay awake/
And I will wait for you/

Verse 2:
She’s got me feeling
These things that can’t be real and its not right/
My heart is racing
And I just can’t keep chasing her sunrise/
No I can’t be this taken
If you just keep forsaking this heart of mine/
I’ll just keep misreading
If you just keep misleading me every night//



The hardest part of breaking out
Is taking it all in/
So I’ll give you everything
And I’ll just wait instead//
Track Name: Young & A Memory
Verse 1-
We were raised to raise hell/
Take the coin from the wishing well/
We were born to live free/
Never thought it would go down easy/
We were running the town and taking it down/
Taking the chance to figure it out/
We were just young and a memory//

Was everything you had everything you wanted/
We were just young and a memory//

Verse 2-
Dressed to kill with the best intentions/
And all the while it was failed to mention/
With the street lights on/
Is where it all went wrong/
All of the times we could never forget/
We were full of memories but we had no regrets/
Did it seem so long/
Now that they’re gone//

Chorus (2x)

Never thought I’d ever have to say/
Wish you were here or could come back some way/
Never thought I’d ever see the day/
When you were gone and a memory//

Chorus (3x)
Track Name: Battle
Verse 1:
Dark night, the storm fights/
The ground that it pouring on/
And as the wind blows
I know/
The war, it goes on and on/
All the world is spinning
Headed for disaster/
All I need is time/
But that’s just moving faster/
But I wont go/
Won’t let go//

Something’s come over me/
I’m starting to see it/
I’m starting to see/
I’m going make it I know/
Oh I feel it rising/
I feel it in my skin
I feel it in my bones
I’m gonna make it I know/

Verse 2 :
If you’re driving
And can’t find where you started/
If you’re searching
But you can’t find where your heart is/
Don’t let go/
Don’t let go/
If you’re wondering but can’t get your mind made up/
If you’re hoping
That you’ll find out what you’re made of
Don’t let go
I won’t go//


Oh I feel it rising! (8x)
I’m gonna make it Know!

Track Name: Don't Touch
Verse 1:
Laying beside you
But I know I’m all alone/
It’s just me and these four walls
Reminiscing on your moans/
And I’m just praying that the sun will come up soon/
Cause I know that the day will heal all the night has ruined/
I’m not sure how we got this far
Without a scratch or a bruise but I’m dealing with these scars/
As I recall you said you loved me so much/
Well baby here’s my heart
You can look but just don’t touch//

We rise and we fall/
And it all burns to ashes/
But I don’t wanna wait
I don’t wanna wait
No more//
Can you hear me when I say?
Can you hear me when I say?
That I’m done chasing/
That I’m done wasting my time/
Verse 2:
Cause your hands carry more than I can bare
And I know that your looks kill
But I can’t help but stare/
I don’t know what said
When it went wrong/
All I know is you’re here
And I’m still gone/
I said its over
I still don’t know her/
But I can’t keep explaining that
I’m giving up on us
So what you think about that



Sick of all this silence
That’s breaking thru the sirens/
Im done with all this crying that you’ve caused/
And Im done anticipating/
The love we had is fading/
And now its all im saying is/
I don’t wanna waste my time on you//